Stark Naked - Desiree Holt This was cute. A bit predictable, except that the conflict came at the beginning of the story so the rest of it was sort of him groveling to get back in her good graces.

Reenie just moved to Texas from California after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Reenie went to school with Amy who lives on a ranch with her brother, Matt. Matt has been a bit of a dog, and since Reenie just got away from a dog, even though he's drop-dead gorgeous, she wants nothing to do with him. She really has no plans to find a guy at ALL. The first night she's in town, he comes home three sheets to the wind. Amy sends him to bed, but he comes back out stark naked asking if Reenie wants to keep him company. And promptly passes out. Reenie and Amy have to drag him to his room. The next morning, when Amy reminds him what happened, he's remorseful, but he also remembers all the flirting he and Reenie used to enjoy when he'd come visit them at school and thinks she might be special, so he goes to her apartment to beg forgiveness. Lunch goes VERY well, but Reenie still thinks he's bad news, so she does what she can to keep away from him. But Matt isn't very good at just going away.

Cute couple with good chemistry, good sexy times, maybe a bit too much insta-love, but a sweet HEA.