Blade of Moonlight - Kimberly Dean Really, really cute. And sexy. I thought it was kinda funny that Luna thought she could be plain during the day. And I found it very sexy how Scythe took control early on. And I also loved that he sort of lost control with her. I don't think he really intended to have sex with her when he tied her up. I think his ultimate reason (which we learn at the end) makes sense, but he was just overcome. Which now that I write that, it seems a little bit like sexual assault, but it didn't read that way at all. I also loved that he'd taken care of her before actually tying her up. I figured out who Scythe was very early on... it wasn't too hard. I can't believe Luna didn't figure it out! But I loved that when she asked him to partner with him, he didn't even hesitate when he agreed. I also liked that Luna realized she had more power than she thought when she needed to help Scythe.

Just a really cute, sexy story. Not long at all, but still a satisfying read. If there are more of these, I might have to continue... the "superheroes" were kind of intriguing. I'm interested to see who else is in that world.