Star Crossed - Kele Moon Holy moley, this was so good. I'm almost sad it's over, but I couldn't stop reading. This was the story of Jules, twin to Wyatt, and one of Clay's best friends... Clay being the focus of the first book. This picks up just after the end of the last one, with Jules offering to take Romeo to dinner as a thank you for saving Clay's girlfriend and Jules' good friend, Melody, from Melody's crazy ass ex. Dinner is filled with sexual tension, and since Jules has no problem saying what's on her mind, they end up in a hotel room together, exploring the tension further. Jules thinks it's going to basically be a one night thing, but Romeo keeps calling and texting her (and phone sex and even Skype sex), and even though she knows she should break it off, she just can't. And their attraction continues to grow and grow until he ultimately moves to Garnet to take Clay up on his offer of training. And then it explodes.

There's not one thing I didn't like about this story. I loved Romeo, who had been dealt a crappy hand in life and really tried to make the best of it. I loved how strong Jules was, and I really loved them together. Perfect couple. I thought it was great that since Romeo was such a big guy, he wasn't intimidated by Jules' size. She was a tall girl, plus, being from Garnet, she got the "martial arts bug" like everyone else there, and reached Olympic status, so Romeo didn't have to worry about breaking her as he often did with other women. As a matter of fact, when they worked out together, it was basically like foreplay! I've never had a workout like that. ;-) I just really liked that there were so many unexpected and positive facets to Romeo. Thankfully this story didn't end like Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, though it seemed touch and go for a while.

My heart broke a bit for his brothers. While Romeo was dealing as best he could with his life, those boys sort of got it worse because of who their father was and Nova's special talents. I hope we see more of Nova in the next one. Would be nice for him to get his own HEA, even if it's not of the romantic variety. I'd just like to see him settled because like Romeo, he had a huge heart.

Just a really great story, and I really can't wait for the next one, but now I have to. Sigh.