Ravish Me - Cindy Jacks I didn't get it. I couldn't identify with the female character. And I didn't understand why the male was going along with her request when it seemed so not him. Ultimately, I felt really bad for him. And I'm glad they ended up in the perfect relationship for each other, but I still didn't get it. This was just a story for me. From the blurb, I was intrigued, and I had hoped that it would seem hot to me, and while it was definitely explicit, I just didn't feel the heat. And I dunno... the story just seemed to end abruptly and all of a sudden it's an epilogue. I was glad to see that everyone was OK, it just felt a bit jarring to me. It's not that this book hit any triggers for me and that's why it's just OK... I just didn't feel anything for it. It wasn't *bad*, I just didn't get it.