The Boat Builder's Bed - Kris Pearson This was a very sweet romance. And it was free, which is always nice! There was a bit of steam factor to it, but not nearly as explicit or erotic as many I've read. Still, you definitely felt the attraction between the two main characters. For some reason, reading the blurb, I thought Rafe was going to be a jerk for most of the book, but he wasn't. He was annoyed that his car was damaged, but that really did not last long at all. Very soon after meeting Sophie, he's interested in more than her design skills. She does an admirable job of holding him off, but a girl can only resist temptation so much, right?

I wondered how her secret would be revealed, but didn't expect what happened. I can't even imagine Sophie's mortification and betrayal, and I'm just glad Rafe ultimately talked himself into logic.

A very sweet HEA, which I always love, and a satisfying epilogue.