Jimmy - Cat Johnson Well I find it a *little* hard to believe that the governor's daughter would be in such a position to just invite a random guy up to her hotel room. But beyond that, this was a hot, sweet story. I liked that Jimmy didn't just cave to Lia's initial demands, and that was one of the memorable things about him for her. And I liked that when they met up again, he just dove in head first, even though months (and lots of living experience for him) had gone by. I liked that she stood up to her father. I did think it was a bit insta-love though. Sure, six months had passed, but they hadn't spent any *real* quality time together that they weren't burning up the sheets. How could they possibly know it was love? Lust, absolutely. Love? A little too quick. It was still a very sweet story. I like it when a big, strong alpha dude can be nervous about meeting a girl's daddy. :-)