Stowaway - Becky Barker This was really good! I liked how Keri handled herself when she first met her stowaway. She didn't immediately shoot him. She didn't call her daddy or brother to come get him. And she didn't jump to the conclusion that he was guilty. And I liked how Nick treated her with a bit of deference as well. He recognized that she wasn't an idiot. And he let her fix him up... then he got hold of the gun and turned the tables on Keri. Though it really wasn't to hurt her... just to ensure he got a bit more time to heal and figure out his next steps. And I liked how the trust grew on both sides. I also liked that he was so humble about his family and their wealth. Not that he hadn't taken advantage of it in his youth, but he always wanted to be his own person, and once he became an adult, he took care of himself.

I thought the suspenseful story line was great as well as the growing attraction and then love between Keri and Nick. I wanted to smack her when her dad said "Don't open the door to anyone" and then she does. Duh, lol! And I also really thought she was going to try to leave at the end. Which would have made me extremely sad. I absolutely loved that Nick came up with a plan and how he went about executing it and how he went about revealing it to Keri. It was a nice love story, great chemistry, and a good mystery to boot.