Drums of Autumn - Diana Gabaldon Wow... I'm already halfway through the next one (forgot to update GR), but so much happened in this one. I was excited that Breanna went back to find her folks. I was NOT happy that she left Roger behind to do it, but I was very glad when Roger did his own homework and made that leap of faith that he could make it through the stones since he had the blood. I wonder if we'll ever figure out what makes them so special that they can go through the stones? But I was heartbroken that once Roger finally got to Fraser's Ridge, Jamie and Ian have the totally wrong idea and wow... make a huge mistake in my opinion. I was wondering what the heck happened to Roger for a while. I figured he couldn't possibly be dead, but where was he??? The whole Indians thing was strange but necessary. And my heart broke when Ian had to stay with them.

So anyway, I'm about halfway through the next one. This is my morning indulgence these days (since I'm listening), and I always look forward to picking it up again.