Letting Jack Watch - Katheryn Wallis I think, based on the acknowledgments, that this is a new author. If so, I hope she has more stories to tell, because this was pretty good.

Cops Jack and Jeremy are partners. Jack is commitment shy. A while back, he thought he was in love, but then the girl ended up dumping him for another guy. He was pretty flattened by that, and started moving through a period of meaningless hook-ups. In the meantime, Jack and Jeremy met Caitlin via a self-defense course. Caitlin was initially attracted to Jack, but she accidentally hurt Jeremy during the class, which got them talking and Jeremy asked Caitlin out and they've been a couple ever since.

One night, after watching a hockey game on TV, Jack has had too much to drink, so Jeremy suggests he sleep on the sofa. Before going to bed, Jack goes out onto the apartment's balcony, and he inadvertently watches Caitlin and Jeremy in the act. He's a bit horrified at himself, but he's so turned on, he has to go take care of himself before going to bed. The next morning, he's acting strange, but nobody really asks what's up. Sometime over the next week, Jack confesses what he saw and Jeremy's relieved to know why Jack was acting so strange.

Next weekend, they're watching another game, this time at Jack's apartment. After the game, Jeremy starts thinking about Jack watching which arouses him. And he arouses Caitlin, and they have a bit of non-nekkid fun in the darkened kitchen. Jeremy realizes Jack is watching, which increases his arousal, but what he doesn't know, until just a little bit later, is that Caitlin knows Jack is watching, too. So things go from there. There's a bit more voyeurism and exhibitionism, and then things move to including Jack.

But while Jack has been commitment phobic, he realizes now that what he wants is Caitlin. And he knows he can't have her. But he also can't be around her or Jeremy because it hurts too much. Lots of angst while they all figure everything out. My heart was breaking for Jack and Caitlin. I felt for Jeremy, but he was the driver on this bus... if he made an uninformed choice based on assumptions, I sort of couldn't feel as bad for him. Although his anguish at potentially losing his best friend and not understanding why felt real.

It all worked out (maybe a little too cleanly) in the end. I think this might be the first epilogue I've read that included a sex scene. Me likey. ;-)