Misplaced Princess - Mari Carr, Lexxie Couper I'd say this was a typical Mari Carr, but then that almost sounds like you wouldn't need to read it, lol. But this was different, and that's probably Lexxie Couper's influence. I mean it read very much like a Mari Carr story, but there was a definite Aussie slant to it -- they were in Australia after all. :-) And learning the lingo along with Annie was kind of fun. I had no idea! Now, if I ever make it to the Australian Outback, I might not sound so much like an idiot, lol.

Anyway, I liked how Hunter and Annie met. Obviously, Annie might have had romantic intentions toward Dylan from their online chats, but of course we knew that Annie was meant for Hunter. I liked that Hunter sort of just went with the flow with that first kiss (I mean why wouldn't he?) and was protective of her once the paparazzi started in on them. And I'm glad Hunter decided to go ahead and let her shadow him for her work.

While I could totally understand Hunter's reticence in pursuing what was obviously brewing between him and Annie, I started getting tired of it, lol. Annie is going to make her own choice and she'd already chosen Hunter... so even if Dylan had a thing for Annie, what was going to happen? Annie was already falling for Hunter! It really didn't matter at that point what Dylan thought.

But I gotta say, their attempts to stay away from each other were pretty hot. I mean, when he "caught" her? ~fans face~ Verra nice.

So I look forward to the next one which is likely Dylan's side of the story. It'll be interesting to see how hard Dylan tries to stay away from Monnie and what eventually sent him home.