Undone Dom - Lila Dubois Closer to 3.5 but not close enough to make it a 4. I enjoyed this, but I thought love came a little bit too fast, and I thought the story ended too quickly. I liked that Alton was sort of off-kilter the entire time, which was unusual for him. I also liked that while he trained sexual slaves, he never really got off on them -- it had been a year since he'd actually had sex. And I liked that he couldn't help himself with Lulu. I liked that LuLu challenged him, but sort of knew that when he was dominating her, she needed to keep it to herself. I loved that Lulu sort of brought the "big bad Dom" to his emotional knees. And I thought it was hilarious that when Alton professed his love and panicked, he decided to chain her to the couch so she wouldn't leave, lol! I really wish this one had an epilogue. I guess at the end, while I knew they'd be together, they still had some stuff to work out in the relationship. I'd have liked to have seen some of that struggle.