Nailed to the Wall - Jayne Rylon I read this story so I could finish out the series, but I should have known going in that I wasn't going to love it. I mean I suppose the potential was there, but just too many people. And not enough non-sex story for me. I like sex as much as the next person, but I like my stories to contain a strong story as well. There were a few separate threads going through this one: Devon really feeling like part of the crew, Morgan and Kate wanting to start families, Kayla and Devon being hot for one another, the girls missing being shared by the boys, potential swapping, etc... And each of those problems got what seemed to me a very quick resolution. Glossed over. Almost an afterthought of something to surround the sex.

Speaking of the sex, it was hot. I can definitely say that. But with nine people, how could it not be? Although -- and this is why I generally shy away from more than three participants -- I did get lost with who was where and doing what to whom. Part of it was that right off the bat, there's this big orgy scene where everyone was paired off, but I couldn't really remember who was married to whom. So I couldn't tell if it was unusual for Morgan to be jacking Mike off or not. (Can't remember specifically if that's who was involved, but it was something like that.) I mean I guess it's not "unusual" per se with this group, but would Morgan normally have her hand on Mike's cock? I couldn't remember. The f/f scene was a little confusing for me, but then I guess I haven't seen girls get off on each other, lol, so parts of it were hard to visualize. Still hot, though.

So anyway.... it was just an OK read for me. In this case, I'm glad it wasn't a long story. I'm not sure how much more creative the author could get with nine people. Or how much more confused I could get, lol.