Love Is a Battlefield - Tamara Morgan Another Samhain without much nookie. I think this was a little bit hotter than book 2 (which I read first), but just one, small scene. That's OK, though. I liked the characters and the story and there were lots of parts that cracked me up. I liked that Kate stood up for what she wanted, though it seemed a little petty. I mean the Scottish Highland Games had been in that park for several years in a row... she only just discovered it. Why is she pushing the issue so hard? Maybe Julian sort of goaded her into it. He was a bit harsh at times, lol. And while he could be harsh, he could turn right back around and be the sweetest guy. I loved how creative they each got when trying to forward their agenda. But I really liked the ending. I didn't see that coming. I mean, I knew there would be an HEA, but I didn't realize it would come to what it did. I look forward to the next one.