Thief - Anitra Lynn McLeod I would not have picked this book up if it was not a group read. I'm not much of a sci-fi girl though I will read it from time to time. But this was a great story! Another Samhain without much nookie, but it was an interesting story. I liked that Kraft was such a strong woman, and that while she could cause great harm to people, she didn't. She had her honor, and while she could choose to give that away, nobody could take it from her. I loved that she sort of wormed her way into Jace's crew. I also loved that Jace had his own honor as well. He bought Kraft as a cook-whore, but he never forced the whore part. My heart broke for Kraft when she was basically plotting to save all of them but herself. I would really have liked to have found out why she was able to heal herself from that gun blast because it really seemed like there was more to Kraft than met the eye. Sure, she was a reader... we got that early on... but there was something "else" to her. Considering this is a #1, I wonder where the story goes from here. I'll probably have to find out, even though I'm not a sci-fi chick. :-)