Screw Me Once - Maggie Montgomery Wow. Fifteen years? That's a really long time to maintain hatred for someone. There are things I can sort of get hating someone for fifteen years, but what Brian did... I'm not sure it warrants that level of hatred. I can understand her being pissed off after a time -- I mean it was kind of a big deal ultimately -- but fifteen years? And his reason for it all? Besides his mother's at the time recent death, I wanted to smack him!

And she tried so very hard to keep up the hatred. Darned attraction foiled her efforts. As did her goddaughter. And the goddaughter's parents. But dayum they were hot together. I thought it was hilarious that she got a splinter on her butt from their first encounter. And I also thought it was sweet that Brian tried so hard to hold off. He really wanted to sort of ease back into some kind of relationship with her and didn't want it to start out sexual because he was trying to be a good guy. I don't think he actually expected it to work out, but he was trying at least for civility. And because they were so attracted to each other, it was way more than civility. And then retribution. Which broke my heart.

I was very happy with how it all worked out. This was a great story of reunited love.