Siren in Bloom - Sophie Oak This one felt shorter than the others, but maybe it's because I sort of blew through it. I loved that Sophie wrote a TSTL heroine (sort of) and then one of the guys calls her TSTL during the story, lol! I mean really... I can understand wanting to protect those you love, but seriously? You have two SEALs who want to get nekkid with you and at least two more on staff, and you still think you need to go martyr yourself to keep them safe? Duh! At the same time, I loved how manipulative Julian was. :-) I loved that he knew Leo wouldn't train Shelley -- and why -- so he recruits Leo's brother for the job. Wolf feels sort of like a fuck up, and I'm not sure there was really a good resolution for that. Sure, Leo told him to stop talking like he's dumb, but I don't know that they ever really had a heart-to-heart and Wolf realized that Leo really didn't consider him a fuck up. Or maybe I missed it. Like I said, I blew through it. Which means it was fun, it was engaging, and yup... sexy. I mean come on... two SEALs? One of whom Shelley almost turned down because he looked too perfect. I'm thinking Leo was kinda like that, too. In previous books, he always seemed kind of imposing and impenetrable, but this book made him more human. Oh, and I wanted to SMACK Wolf really hard with his initial jewelry choice. Argh! Men and their selective hearing. Sheesh!

Anyhoo... I wonder who we'll get next... Ben and Chase? Someone partnered with Logan? This one was definitely enjoyable, though for me, maybe not as enjoyable as the others so far. Still obviously good. :-) Hey... it's Sophie Oak!