Breakaway - Kelly Jamieson This is the second book about the Heller boys. The Hellers are all talented hockey men... big, brawny, charming, handsome. I really like it when someone falls for someone outside their typical "type". And I really liked how Jason and Remi met. Jason was fresh out of a two-year relationship with a model that he ended because she was pressuring for marriage. Whenever it came up, he'd get clammy and feel claustrophobic and the idea was just not appealing to him. And then Remi, who has taken care of her siblings for the past six years after her parents died in a plane crash, is out for a girl's night out. To celebrate her "freedom" -- which is not exactly how Remi sees it. The plan is for Remi to go out, pick up a guy, and go have fun with him. Her friend is quite pushy about this, so to avoid her friend picking out a guy for her, Remi walks up to this group of guys and just asks Jason to talk to her a minute so she can get her friend off her ass. And then Jason's ex walks in, so he asks Remi to return the favor and just talk to him for a while. Save him from his ex. And they talk. And sparks fly. And she has her guy to take home. Remi is small and petite and very different from the women he usually dates. I liked it when, later in the story, his mom mentioned that she was different and he responded that she was "real".

It was all supposed to be just for fun, but both of them get in deep very fast. And everything's wonderful -- Jason is playing well, his team is in the playoffs, he and Remi feel right together... and then Brianne comes back with a big gotcha and it all looks like it's falling apart.

So of course this ends in an HEA. I thought we'd get just one more sex scene at the end, but no. :-) It was still very sweet. I loved the chemistry between the two characters, and they were definitely hot together. And I loved that while Jason had a good reason to have an aversion to teachers, I loved that him seeing her be so caring toward her students helped him get over that hurdle in their relationship. I also liked that his negative experiences pushed him to help others have more positive ones. Very nice story.