Strangers - Barbara Elsborg Wow, this was an emotional roller coaster ride! I think I'm going to have to find more from this author because if this is any example, she creates great, tortured characters. Both of these people were so broken for such different reasons but found their salvation in each other. Charlie just hates himself for what he's become. Kate hates that she's let herself down. They both choose the most asinine way (in my opinion) to try to kill themselves, but fate intervenes and literally throws them together. And they decide they don't want to die and find sort of kindred spirits in each other. It helps a lot that Kate has no idea that Charlie is a huge star. She figures it out, but it takes a while. And even once she figures it out, she doesn't really treat him any differently, which is incredibly refreshing to Charlie. She actually razzes him frequently, which he's no longer used to. He slowly realizes that she really wants nothing from him but his company. Well, and his cock. And he's just as hot for her. They really do burn up the sheets, lol.

I wanted to kill Ethan so many times in this book. He may be the most selfish character I've ever read. Even more so than Richard, the Dickhead, who gave Nick a run for his money, but Nick was still the bigger douche, too. But nobody could top Ethan. Poor Charlie, for having put so much trust into that relationship. And poor Kate for trusting that Ethan might actually have Charlie's best interests at heart. And Kate's dad? Douche. Nothing was his fault. Sure, fucker. I kinda wanted to hurt Kate's friend, Lucy, too. How dare she share confidential information with Nick? She KNOWS who Nick is!! What he does for a living!! DUH!

Oh, my heart broke for Kate and Charlie so many times. I was so afraid one of them would again attempt what they were doing when they met. I didn't think they'd succeed, but just the act of trying would be tragic. I was happy to see how it all worked out, and the epilogue was cute.