Possession (A Little Harmless Military Romance #2) - Melissa Schroeder Another great addition to this series. Imagine you married the perfect person, but neither of you was really mature in the beginning. You divorce, but keep bumping into each other for ten years. TEN YEARS!! And every bump causes massive fireworks. But one of the participants has been through something horrible (we still don't really know what), and he's willing to work harder for what he knows could be perfect.

This was a great story about reunited love. I liked that Deke didn't give up Samantha even though she started being kinda bitchy. :-) In the past, that might have been a trigger for him to move on again, but this time, he was sure what he wanted and stuck it out.

I really want to know what's going to happen with Samantha's brother and her roommate. They doth protest too much. :-) And of course, we have to find out ultimately who is going to bring Mal to his knees. Cuz you know it's gonna happen.