Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley I think Tack is *my* dream man now. Well, every guy in this series has been my dream man at one time or another. :-) Ms. Ashley really writes great characters. I *loved* this ending to the series. I thought Tyra was hilarious. I loved that, even though she and Tack had sex and he kicked her out of bed afterward, she still showed up for work and refused to accept him saying she can't work there. I loved their toe-to-toes. And while Tack was extremely pushy, I found that a bit endearing, lol. I loved that he shows up at her house with pizza and beer and basically forces her to snuggle with him on the couch while they're watching a movie. And I loved his kids and how quickly they took to Tyra. I felt so bad for Tabby, with how her mom treated her. I think Rush had it right when he talked to Tyra about Tabby's relationship with their mom.

I also loved how the women all look out for the other guys in their extended family. In the last book, they had to check Mara out. In this one, Gwen wants to make sure Tyra is good for Tack. And I loved how none of the guys hesitated when Tack needed them the most.

I got tired of Tyra pushing Tack away, but at the same time, I could sort of understand. Tack was a bit secretive about a lot of stuff, his feelings being part of that. She was never really sure where she stood with him. I loved it when he opened up about his past, the club's past, why he was taking Chaos where he was, and how Tyra fit with him. While Tack may be a badass, scary biker dude, he had a huge heart and was ultimately a good man. Even when he was shooting that guy in the legs. :-)

I look forward to the Chaos series starting. It'll be great to see how Tack deals with his daughter going after one of his Club brothers.