Dirty Interludes - Jodie Becker What a great way to start off a book: cock blocking your neighbor with a garden gnome through the window! Ha!! I thought the back and forth between Max and Bridget was fun when they were pranking each other. I loved how they both were so creative, trying to one-up each other. And when revenge turns into real interest, it's interesting to "listen" to them fight their own feelings.

I'm not sure what Max was thinking, keeping his occupation from Bridget. Well, I know what he was thinking. He was thinking he'd get as much time as possible with Bridget before he gave her up. Because he knew she wouldn't stick around if she knew what he did for a living. He knew he wanted more than the porn industry could give him. He wanted to have real, normal relationships and be able to just leave his work at the office, so to speak. I think it would take an extremely strong woman to be able to handle his job. But he knew Bridget would never accept it, so he kept it from her. And Bridget was very sweet.

I started to suspect the stalker about halfway through the book. Wow, people can be crazy! Like Max would spend time with Katrina if Katrina really went through with what she planned?

I can't believe what a jerk Vane was being. I'm pretty sure that Ruby (from the first book) got to him, but he can't admit it at this point. Or maybe he would admit it if he knew where she was, but Ruby ran from him. But for Vane to expect Max back at work within a couple of days of his best friend's overdose in his own home was just cruel. And even before that, when the new girl realized this was NOT what she thought she was signing up for, for Vane to be so cold-hearted was just awful. I realize he's running a business, but if someone wants out, for Pete's sake, let them go! You really think you're going to get a good film by forcing people to continue something they hate?

Anyway, of course all good things must come to an end, and because of Max's past, Bridget finds out his occupation, and she predictably bolts. OMG my heart was breaking for both of them, but especially Max. I liked how he ultimately started his life back on a path he could live with. I liked that whether Bridget was a part of it or not, he was going to do something else. But wow, the angst.

Ultimately there's an HEA, but it took a bit to get there.