Dirty Beautiful - Jodie Becker I have to admit. There is a preconceived notion about porn actors. They are objectified and it's hard to remember that they're people with hopes and dreams of their own. In this one, Dylan has decided he's had enough of being a porn actor. His only living relation, his sister, won't speak to him, because she thinks Dylan didn't attend their mother's funeral because he liked making porn more. Which was totally wrong. Dylan made a lot of money making porn, but he now thinks it's slowly killing him, so he gets out. He buys a small home in a small town in Georgia. The home is sort of run down, but that's OK... construction is what Dylan did before he got into porn. He looks forward to the hours of hard work it'll take to get the home the way he wants it. Early on, he meets his neighbor Erica. Erica is not fat, but she is curvy, and while she may not fit Dylan's normal type, sparks flew when they met.

I felt so bad for Erica with all the mixed signals Dylan was giving her. On the one hand, he didn't want Erica to get wrapped up in any gossip if anyone should find out about his past employment. He also was afraid if things went to far and then they didn't last, it would be awkward living next to each other. For Erica's part, she'd broken up with a guy who cheated on her and gave her an STD. So she's a little gunshy, but there's just something magnetic about Dylan. Plus, he gives her an orgasm without even touching her lady bits. Now that's talent. :-)

Anyway, there was a lot of angst in this one, but ultimately an HEA, which was good. The sex was hot and plentiful. Dylan seemed like the ultimate sweetheart.