Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley Another great alpha male story from Ms. Ashley. This one had the editing issues the others do, but as with the others, it didn't ruin the story for me.

The story is written from Mara's point of view. Mara, who has a sadly twisted view of her own reality. We learn about her point system and the laws of attraction in Mara World. She believes she's a 2.5, but she thinks her neighbor, Mitch, is a 10.5. And 10.5s will only date as low as 7s.

Turns out Mitch has been crushing on Mara since he moved in four years ago. For two of those years, Mara was with a douche, but even when they broke up, Mitch didn't know how to approach her. She was good friends with all of her other neighbors, but she was, as Mitch said, "pathologically shy" and would never really talk to him.

She inadvertently gives him an "in" when her sink won't stop running and the complex office doesn't return her call. Mitch goes in and fixes her sink while flirting with her. She can't believe he'd actually be interested, but to thank him, she invites him for her famous chicken barbeque pizza. He accepts, but the next night, when she knocks on his door, he's with another woman, and she totally shuts him out for two days.

Then she gets a call from her cousin Bill's son, Billy. Bill is a douche of the highest caliber, and he's more interested in getting his next fix than he is in making sure his kids are taken care of. When he's not taking care of them (i.e. there is NOTHING in the house to eat), Billy will call Mara. As she's leaving to get them, she bumps into Mitch, who wants to explain the woman at his apartment, but Mara doesn't want to hear it. But he insinuates himself into getting the kids. And so starts the dual stories of Mitch getting through to Mara (a slow, painful process) and Mara taking care of her cousin's kids.

It was a great story. I loved how patient Mitch was with Mara.... that he could recognize when her demeanor was changing and what he could do to counteract her shutting down and thus shutting him out. He was persistent, yet gentle. The perfect approach to Mara. Doesn't hurt that he's a cop, so he knows a lot about human psychology.

I loved how much confidence Mara had by the end of the story. I loved what she ultimately told the Trailer Trash Twins. And as always, I loved the supporting cast, which includes Elvira. Love Elvira!! I'm going to be sad when this series is over, and there's just one more. A great set of characters and interesting stories.