Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) - Sylvia Day So this was recommended to me by a bunch of folks, and while I really enjoyed it, I felt let down a little bit at the end of the story. I wanted more. I need to know Gideon's story. We know Eva's story, and we know they're explosive together, and we know that Gideon needs her, and they're almost co-dependent. And there was all this running away and then apologizing, and then pulling back, and then attacks, and then.... It was almost exhausting, lol. But really good at the same time.

I loved how Eva didn't just cave to Gideon at the beginning. He's used to getting his way. I doubt he's ever negotiated a relationship, but he did with Eva. His initial approach to her was all wrong. Even though they had this immediate chemistry, she wasn't interested in his initial offer. Which was, admittedly, a bit crass. I thought she was pretty strong to stick to her guns as she did for as long as she did.

And I want to hug Gideon. I doubt he'd let me, lol. You know something is torturing him, but -- and here's my problem with this book -- we don't find out WHAT. It had better be in the next one. I can't handle the angst and the wondering!! Plus, at the end, we're introduced to Dr. Lucas, and I have to wonder what the hell is up his butt in terms of Gideon. They obviously have issues with each other. What are they? Is it related even a little bit to the issues he won't discuss with Eva? I can make a guess at what's up with him, but could his brother Christopher be that horrible? Or could it be his step-father? Or could it be someone else close to the family? So many questions. None of them answered! I want the next one now, dagnabit!! But no, I have to wait until October. Sigh.

I think I'll be dreaming of Gideon later. Not the attacking Gideon, but the sweet, vulnerable, yet strong, and beautiful Gideon.

I'll also be wondering what's going to happen with Cary. He really started some self-destruction there near the end. I'm wondering how Eva will play into that. Eva and Cary need each other, though differently than Eva and Gideon.