Rock You Like A Hurricane - Liz Andrews, Lena Matthews This started out with great promise, and while it was fun/interesting, I was left unfulfilled. Or the story was left unfulfilled. Maybe both.

We have Olivia, who has been in a relationship with Greg, an English professor (he's English, he doesn't teach English), who wanted an open relationship in the beginning. So she's also been dating Jack, who also professed a preference for dating around. Now, they've both decided she's it for them and want to close up the open relationships. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), they both show up to help her board up for a major storm. Storms freak her out, and they know that, so they've both shown up to help her through it.

Turns out, Olivia has had thoughts of all three of them together, and Greg and Jack put aside their differences for their woman. They have lots of sex, fulfill her fantasies (which ODDLY does not include a double stuff, as she calls it), and generally take her mind off the storm.

My problem with the story is that they allude to Jack possibly being bisexual, but maybe repressing that side of himself. And then they put him in the perfect opportunity to maybe confirm that he might have leanings that way.... and then do nothing. As it is, the next morning, the storm is over, both in terms of nature and within their relationships, and that's it. It's done. I wanted more. Why bring up bisexuality if you're not going to act on it AT ALL? I wanted MORE. :-) So while this was good and sexy, I was just left unfulfilled.