The Real Mason - Julia Devlin I had high hopes for this based on reviews on Ellora's Cave's site. It didn't live up to them for me, unfortunately. It was OK. It was kind of sweet, Mason knowing he's a Dom and not thinking Anna would be into that, so rather than continue the (perfect) relationship, he decides to just break up with her. At which point, she demands to know why. As I said, their relationship was perfect. Or so she thought.

Mason gives her "homework" -- a list of sites and books to review over the next month. If she sees that and still wants to explore a relationship with him, they'd meet in a month.

Turns out Anna's a little repressed and a bit of a pain slut. Maybe that's why I didn't get it? I like a bit of domination in my reading, but I'm not into the pain thing. Had I known, I probably would have just skipped this one. As it is, it's an interesting story about a woman whose love for her man sort of forces her to recognize certain aspects about her sexuality... aspects that Mason does a good job of bringing out in her. It just didn't feel all that sexy to me. Mason wasn't *mean* or anything, I just didn't really feel a real connection between them after he initially breaks up with her.

I dunno... I didn't hate it, but it wasn't as great as I'd hoped.