Rule of Three - Kelly Jamieson This was a group read, but I planned to read it anyway. Before I read it, I heard comparisons to Megan Hart's Tempted, and there were some similarities, but it was definitely its own story.

The similarities: committed couple; old friend who is attracted to the male in the committed relationship, moved away for said attraction, millionaire who is currently unemployed because he just sold his company; girl is setting up a special anniversary thing for her parents; her younger sister is a bit of a misfit; Chris sends Dag away, and Kassidy meets with him in the hotel before he's supposed to leave for good.

I think that's where the similarities end. The committed couple is committed, but not married. Kassidy's sister is a misfit but in a totally different way than the sister in Tempted. Kassidy's parents don't have alcohol issues or marital issues. Chris has no clue that Dag is bisexual and doesn't realize Dag's attraction to Chris is why Dag moved away. And Kassidy is not even entertaining the idea of getting pregnant anytime soon.

Dag comes back to town with the hope that Chris is single and may entertain the idea of a relationship with Dag, but then Dag meets Kassidy and knows that won't happen because of Chris's obvious love for her. But sparks fly between Dag and Kassidy as well. Kassidy doesn't really understand how she can be so sure of her love for Chris, but be so attracted to Dag. And then they go out one night, get cozy on the dance floor, and Kassidy learns that Chris and Dag used to take part in threesomes all the time. Which really turns Kassidy on, which heightens Chris and Dag's arousal as well. And they get it on. Lots. :-)

The sex what really hot, the chemistry really good, and the reactions to everything seemed logical among all characters. And the ending was so much more satisfying than Tempted. There was also much less secondary story than Tempted. I really enjoyed it.