One Man Advantage - Kelly Jamieson I skipped one!! I hate it when a series is a series but GR doesn't show it as one, lol. Oh well... I read Faceoff, which I enjoyed, and I enjoyed this one as well.

In this one, we have the third brother of a talented hockey family. Logan's just been traded to Minnesota from California and he's not too happy about it. He has self-esteem issues, since both of his older brothers are extremely talented hockey players. (Not that he's even second string!) Now he feels like maybe he wasn't important to California for them to have traded him. Plus, he really liked his beach view from his condo. But he's going to try to make the best of it, and he immediately meets Nicole, also from a hockey family. She played hockey when she was younger, but there aren't many opportunities for women in hockey, so she ended up working communications for the Caribou in Minnesota.

And just before Logan comes into the picture, Nicole has sworn off dating hockey players after her latest boyfriend basically trashed her on national television. But there's instant chemistry. Nicole tries very hard to fight it. Logan doesn't realize how tough she's going to be to crack, but he does it. And then she spurns him again. He knows, deep down, that there's something there, so he doesn't give up. But she keeps pushing him away.

I wanted to smack Nicole so many times, but at the same time, I could sympathize with her. I understand why she wanted to stay away from hockey players, but considering her job, considering her knowledge and love of the sport, she was going to be in contact with them every day. There was bound to be chemistry with one of them at some point! And she kept cutting Logan down. I felt so bad for him. It's like he was good enough to fuck, but not good enough for anybody to know about it -- messing with his already sensitive ego.

But I loved Logan. I loved that he could be so commanding, yet tender, and always concerned with whether Nicole was enjoying what he was doing. The fact that they were equally matched in just about every way was great, and the fact that he saw her as all woman and beautiful did a lot toward lifting Nicole's reservations about herself. And she had many, knowing she couldn't play hockey, but her supermodel mom telling her she wasn't model material either. Thanks, Mom!

Anyway, Logan and Nicole sizzled. Very steamy sex scenes and a very satisfying end to the story. I can't remember whether there are more brothers, but I think not. I still hope we get more from this family, since there wasn't an epilogue to wrap everything up.

So I'm going to go back to Breakaway to see what happened with Jase, because there was a bit about his conflict in this one (though no true resolution, which gives me hope for another one).