Dark Side Night - Maryn Sinclair It was enjoyable. Sexy at times. This is another book that has a story-within-a-story... I wonder why so many authors are doing that these days? Or maybe it's not "so many", but I've just read several, lol. Laura is a small bookshop owner, and she's been reading the erotica, so at the beginning, she's reading her book -- and we get to read along with her. And at different points in the book, we get more excerpts. In the beginning it was a little jarring, but maybe that's because I didn't expect it. But it did play into the story.

Laura's son and his girlfriend have gotten pregnant, and since they planned on marrying anyway, they've decided to just do it now, right after they're graduating college. Literally... the day after graduation. And her son's future father-in-law happens to be in town to discuss business with his publisher, so it's a perfect time for them to meet. And they REALLY hit it off. I was a little stunned with how fast everything happened, but they are both adults with grown children... they can make their own decisions. There was this whole "this is no strings, just sex, but I'm feeling something more, and I'm not sure if he/she is" thing. And there wasn't a whole lot of conflict, in my opinion, but it was still a pleasant story. Ultimately it was sweet -- two people who never expected to find someone else to truly love find each other through unusual circumstances. I liked the back-and-forth between Laura and Blake over who was in control. Kept each of them on their toes.