Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley I really, really liked this. Maybe it's not a full five-star read, but it's closer to that than four. I found myself thinking about the characters and their circumstances when I wasn't reading the book.

I think what I liked best about it was the tortured hero and how he was trying so hard to be a "normal" guy. I mean sure, he really was tortured when he was younger, and even though he's not bruised now, he has deep, deep mental scars. And for some reason, Livvy gets to him. And "gets" him. It takes her a while to learn the extent of his scars, as well as the why and how, but she has infinite patience with him. And even though they both resisted it, they fell in love.

And then he hurt her. My heart was BREAKING for both of them when he used the last thing he knew that would truly hurt her. And then after. There were so many times I teared up. The "big" argument, the church, when he came to her shop, when she went drunk to yell at him... and ultimately the reconciliation.

There was an HEA in the end, or at least a HFN, but my heart still aches for them. I thought the story blurbs were initially jarring, but then I saw that they were sort of mirroring what was going on in his life. And I had to keep reading to get insight into how what his monsters were doing in his head reflected on his actions in real life. I wish the epilogue had been more "real life" instead of the end of his story, but you still got the picture.

The sex wasn't super steamy, but the build-up was (for me). It was the characters and their flaws that made this story for me. I think this one will stick with me for a while. A lot of angst, but well worth the trip. Thanks, Bitchie, for sending this one to me!!