Her Way (Contemporary Erotic Romance, Loving Series, Book One) - Jessica Jarman I might have a cavity after this one. It was really very sweet. We have Emma, who just bought a new house, even though she could be living at home with her father, as her brothers do. Her family has money, so she doesn't have to work, but even though she doesn't "work", her family often calls on her to do things for them. They really take advantage of her kind heart. Her moving out was a way to distance herself from them a a bit. And we have Will, who is a chef in his family's restaurant. They meet on the night Emma is celebrating her 30th birthday with her closest friends, two of whom went to school with Will. And sparks fly when they meet. She drinks too much, so he takes her home, but will not take advantage of her inebriated state. Good guy, that Will!

So this is a story about their love at first sight that neither of them really recognized. They kept asking themselves what was so special about the other -- why were they so drawn to each other? But they sort of just go with the flow. And have lots of pretty steamy sex.

There is a bit of tension, but nothing really big. And it ends in an HEA. Very sweet and smexy.