Winter of the Wolf (The Wild Hunt Legacy, #2) - Cherise Sinclair I enjoyed this. Not as much as the first one, but it was still good. I liked that three very damaged people could heal each other so well. I liked that both Zeb and Shay sort of instinctively treated Breanne with kid gloves. Nobody knew her story, but there was just something about her that inspired their protective instincts. And I liked that even though Zeb may have been scarred and scary looking, Breanne was able to see past it to the beautiful heart inside. I think it's a little bit funny that for a group of beings where sex is so important, it's impossible for the men to forewarn the women about their polyamorous nature. For someone raised in the human world, more than one mate would be unusual, to put it mildly. I liked how Breanne had to keep reminding herself that these weren't humans and neither was she.

Anyway, there were several things that seemed to be wrapped up quite tidily, when it maybe could have been drawn out a little bit more, but ultimately it was a good story with some good characters. Not a ton of smexiness, but I suppose you can't really expect them to jump on a woman who was so skittish about men. It was sweet when it did happen.