Assume The Position - T.C. Lee I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this one up, but I was happy. We start the story with Regan, being dressed sluttily by her friend to meet up with a guy she'd rather not be meeting. Her friend, Kate, is dating Todd, and Todd's friend Jeremy is interested in Regan. But Regan wants nothing to do with him. And she's late, so she's speeding and gets pulled over by the sexiest cop she's ever seen. Regan hasn't had very satisfying relationships in the past and really doesn't get what all the fuss is about with sex. Plus, she's been alone for years since her parents died in a car crash many years earlier. She doesn't have many friends... Kate is her only friend. (Some friend Kate turns out to be!)

The cop, Alex, has a penchant for domination, but he keeps it under wraps because most people wouldn't really understand it. Plus, he apparently has a monster dick and a really bad, early experience with it, so he's constantly holding himself back. But something about Regan strikes a chord in him... that she seems innocent and good, but feisty.

Alex ends up giving Regan a warning and letting her continue on, but he was just as affected by their meeting as she was. And he knows she doesn't want to be on this date, so he sort of breaks up their "party" while they are loitering by a convenience store. Which gives Regan an opportunity to head home instead of meeting up with them again... and she speeds on purpose by where he pulled her over the first time. This time, she pulls over in a secluded area, and he takes her into an alley and they screw. He restrains her and commands her, which turns her on (and him because she's responding positively) but Regan thinks there must be something wrong with her for feeling the way she does. They part ways and that's it. Quasi-anonymous sex. They know each others' names, but that's it.

And then some strange identity theft/mistaken identity thing happens, and she comes face-to-face with her cop again, and things heat up quickly. And Alex keeps thinking of that one instance of his youth and then he shuts down again. Totally confusing Regan. Thankfully, he was able to get past his issue and actually talk to her about it.

While I thought the "I love you" came a little fast, they did seem well matched for each other. The chemistry was great, the sex was great. There were a few editing issues, but most of the time, they didn't pull me from the story. And a great HEA, which I love.