Love's Rhythm - Lexxie Couper What a sweet story of reunited love. I also loved the tie-in with other books... mention of the couple from Tropical Sin and then Nick's manager is from Suck and Blow. I think I loved that while Nick wanted to bust in and just take Lauren back, but once he realizes how reticent she is and learns of her son, he backs off. Just a little bit. Barely. :-) And then once he realizes Lauren's secret and she thinks she has to give him up again for him to be happy, he surprises her. I loved the ending, what Nick set up. I thought it was probably the only way he'd get her back so quickly. I can't imagine that it took him fifteen years to realize she was what he needed all along... that he gave up their perfect relationship for fame. At the same time, that decision ultimately led them to the people they became and they were still drawn to each other. Very sweet story. Love my HEAs!