An Unexpected Love - Claire Matthews This was more 3-1/2 stars... Lexi works for Dan at an investment firm. She's been "in love" with Jack for six years. Or she's been in love with the idea of being in love with Jack. Once she catches Jack's eye, it's not really like what she thought it would be. They have great sex, sure, but she feels like she's missing a connection. One night, while sneaking out of Jack's apartment, she gets mugged, and then promptly sprains her ankle trying to chase after the guys. The paramedics insist she go to the hospital, so she calls her best friend to come get her. But best friend is out of town, and calls Dan, who shows up at the hospital. This starts a new sort of relationship with Dan which ultimately turns into a lot more. It was a very sweet story... I just guess I didn't get why Lexi kept dating Jack for a while. She realized early on it wasn't all she thought it would be. And when things turned romantic with her boss, it felt a little awkward to me. Like she was cheating on Jack (though nothing sexual happened with Dan for a while). So maybe that's why it was closer to a 3 than a 4. But it was still a sweet story with the HEA I love.