Irresistible - Mackenzie McKade This was a sweet, if fast-moving, story. We have Sydney, who joined a family as a foster child when she was around twelve... and immediately started crushing on the older brother Sean. Sean felt uncomfortable with how Sydney made him feel, so he did the typical teenage thing and did things specifically to piss her off and turn her off him. And it sort of worked.

In this story, we're in the mountains with Sydney, Sean, Sean's biological sister Cameron and her boyfriend, and another married couple. Sydney, Sean and Cameron work the family's publishing company, and things have been quite busy, so this is a relaxation holiday for them. But it's all tension between Sydney and Sean until Sean can't stand it anymore and finally makes a move and declares his interest in Sydney. And things move from there.

There wasn't a whole lot of conflict in this one -- just a question of whether their "mom" would understand the relationship or be angry or upset about it. Beyond that, once they let down the walls they'd erected to keep clear of each other, they were well matched and very sweet. And they definitely enjoyed having sex with each other. :-)