Last Call - Olivia Brynn This was not very long, but it was a great story. I thought it was a really cute premise... drunk calling your brother, but you don't actually reach your brother. Instead, you reach someone who has a conscience and can't just let you sit outside the bar, drunk off your ass, refusing to get into a cab, and thankfully refusing to let some guy you don't know take you home.

I thought Joanne was a freaking hilarious drunk. And Eric was such a great standup guy. I mean really... she's in the middle of giving him a blowjob (that he didn't consent to...he was sleeping) and he tries to just stop it altogether because he doesn't want to be a regret. Joanne is quite convincing, and things move further, but Eric never really thought it would be a one-night-stand.

I thought the "conflict" was realistic enough... who wouldn't jump to conclusions? Thankfully, Joanne was sober enough to realize the part she played. And thankfully there was a really cute HEA. Great chemistry between the characters, and pretty steamy sex, too!