Studs - Vonna Harper This took me forever to get through, part of the reason for the rating. If it was compelling, if I was dying to know what happened next, it wouldn't have taken me this long. The other part of it is that the sex scenes weren't that great. This is M/F/M... they should be smoking! But the only thing smoking, apparently, was her body when she was near her shifters. I never really got a feeling that the guys loved her, even though there were discussions of a long-term relationship. Granted, maybe it's because they were shifters -- horses first, men second -- and they just couldn't "show" how they felt? I don't know. It all just seemed so unfeeling. It was more biological than anything... they were drawn to each other, but there was just no emotion there. And what sex scenes there were (I counted three... wait, maybe four) were very confusing. I still have no idea how the first one happened when the jeans were around her knees.

This was a group read, and not likely something I would have chosen on my own, but I had high hopes for it. It sounded good. It just didn't turn out that way for me.