Carnal Compromise - Robin L. Rotham Before I read this book, I was told it was smoking hot, and I was in the mood for some smut. I will admit that there is lots of sex. Lots. Of. Sex. But for me, I just didn't get a good feel for any of the characters. Well, maybe Brent a little bit, but AJ to me seemed so weak and meek and Joe was just a jerk. And when they went to Mandy and Hake's for a visit, it was quite uncomfortable to me that Mandy propositioned AJ so quickly! I suppose maybe AJ left it open because of who she was with, but still. It was awfully quick! Not that AJ was against it, but I dunno. It just struck me as weird. I'm glad they all worked through their issues, but by the end, I really didn't care much whether they worked it out or not. I know others have really liked this book. It was just OK for me.