Screwdriver - Mari Carr Well this one was a little different. We have Jordan, who has been pining for Gabriel for over a year. He's kind of a dog, though... he's been dating/having sex with many women since Jordan has known him. She jokes with him about it, but she still carries a torch for him. The book opens with their bookshop's air conditioning broken. Since Gabriel is the building owner, he sends over his good friend Casey to deal with the A/C. And Casey is good looking and friendly. Casey starts to play around with Jordan just as Gabriel comes to check on the progress. And jealousy stirs. Casey can tell Gabriel has a think for Jordan and vice versa, but now Casey is attracted to her as well. And Gabriel recognizes that Casey is attracted and the attraction seems mutual, so rather than making Jordan choose, even though neither man has ever had a threesome, they decide to maybe try to make a go of it as a threesome. And Jordan is floored, but decides what the hell... it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, she thinks.

So anyway, there is some conflict, but not a whole lot, and there is a HEA with the three of them. I really enjoyed how Casey understood Gabriel, probably better than Gabriel understood himself. He sort of pushed Gabriel to the jealousy in an effort to make Gabriel stop being the person he had become -- not the person Casey had first become friends with. And I liked how the guys approached Jordan. And how Jordan was able to sort of bring Gabriel out of his funk without either of them really knowing it -- Casey recognized that. I also thought it was funny how the guys acted during the threesome... it seemed kind of a natural reaction for two hetero men who'd never had a threesome.

As usual, Ms. Carr has written a great set of characters. I look forward to the next in this series.