Island Idyll - Jess Dee Awww... I think every girl has that one guy from high school that she crushed on but nothing came of it. In the case of Sienna and Josh, it was unrequited love on both sides, and for such sad reasons. Josh felt he was never good enough for her. She thought he just didn't return her feelings. But they lusted after each other for five years and NOTHING happened. And they both moved on with their lives. Sienna met Ben, who she loved for eight years. They were supposed to get married, but then Ben sort of stopped working on their relationship. Sienna felt insignificant, so she broke off the engagement. It's months later, Sienna is trying to move on with her life, and her friend Kylie sort of thrusts Josh in her way, since he's been working at the resort. Of course, they hit it off, and the confessions of their feelings from high school come out. And sparks fly.

And then Ben returns. Sienna didn't expect him, but Ben has realized what Sienna meant to him, and he means to get her back. (Of course, he's not too pleased when he brings her to orgasm and she calls out Josh's name, since she thought Ben was Josh! Oops!) Ben just doesn't count on Josh. Sienna is overwhelmed by Ben's return and declarations of love and that he'd changed, but she can't imagine giving Josh up so easily after they've just reunited. So Ben, even though he despises Josh being there and being in Sienna's heart, suggests a threesome. Ben's thinking is that he can show Sienna how good it can be between them again while being magnanimous enough to give Josh a shot. Umm... OK. I mean it made for hot reading of course, but really?

So anyway... then the heartbreak begins. For me, at least. I wasn't sure what direction the story would go in, but ultimately I was VERY happy with the outcome. I thought the choices Sienna made and the actions she took were great.