31 Flavors - Leia Shaw, Cari Silverwood This book was very interesting. My heart broke for Sidney so many times in the story. It broke for Nick as well. But you knew there was real love between them. I thought Sidney was brave for telling Nick what she felt she needed, even though it would likely be out of his comfort zone. But I loved that when Sidney got negative reaction from the forum she was on, how Nick explained the "31 flavors"... somewhere between vanilla and rocky road. They could pick where they wanted to be... it didn't have to be all of one or the other. There was no right or wrong way between them in what they were doing. I thought the story was headed in one direction at the end, but I'm so glad it went the total opposite of what I feared. Since this was based somewhat on a real couple (though many parts were fictionalized), I think Sidney definitely has a keeper.