Taming Her Wolf - Eve Langlais I enjoyed this, but it wasn't great. That said, I do want to read the next one because I want to know what's going to happen with Kristof... how he's going to die the horrifying death he deserves after what he did to Helen. And then Gareth. And then Helen again.

There were some humorous moments in this one, but I think Helen's language sort of got in the way of the smexiness for me. There's a way people used to speak 200 or so years ago. Everything was so proper. Marriages were arranged for land deals. Women weren't ever alone with men they weren't married to. They covered just about every inch of skin. And there was a certain "proper" way they spoke. When Helen is trying to ignore her physiological response to Gareth, of course her inner dialogue is in that same "old-speak", and it just seems too proper to be anything close to hot. When the chapters from Gareth's point of view came along, I was happy because his responses were more earthy or base. Yeah, he wanted to kill her, but he'd get some first. :-) And then he moved beyond wanting the killing.

Overall it was sweet. Not as steamy as some Eve Langlais books I've read, but enjoyable.