A Baumgartner Christmas - Selena Kitt So I wasn't sure how I felt about this one at first. At first, I was thinking Doc was being sort of selfish by suggesting to Carrie that if she wants to, she should go ahead and have sex with another woman. I mean, he'd get benefit out of it too, right? And Carrie IS bisexual. But it seemed like he was suggesting too "loudly", which I think is how Carrie was feeling, too. Did he want Carrie to engage other women SO THAT he'd have someone new to screw around with, too? And I thought it was a little skewed that he had no trouble with her going after Daphne, but a little trouble with her being aroused by his friend Wilson.

But then once he brought Wilson for Christmas in the Keys as a sort of present for Carrie, I realized he just wants her happy and wants to give her as much pleasure as she can stand. And the fact that she brought Daphne for him... I guess they're just very "giving" people? I imagine you have to be incredibly secure in your relationship with your significant other to give him/her someone to screw. And despite initial appearances, it seems that Carrie and Doc are completely secure in their love for each other. Like they can separate the pleasure with someone else for what it is... temporary pleasure. But they'll always have each other.

And of course this was hot... it's Selena Kitt!