Pure Bliss - Sophie Oak Another great addition to the series. I enjoyed the suspense in this one, though I did think it was a little on the insta-love side. I don't generally like that in contemporaries. I can believe in massive lust, but love? Anyhoo... within meeting 24 hours of Noah, he's banging her up against a wall. Granted, he'd already decided she was something special, and she was trying to put distance between them because of her past. But what better way to point out you're not leaving than banging her against a wall? :-) Especially with your brother -- who has the hots for her but thinks he has nothing to offer a woman so he won't make a move -- watches. And apparently the whole diner below can hear. Oops! And yet, it was a little hot. So James get back at Noah by making Noah watch he and Hope in the little playroom Trevor has set up. And within a week, she's professing her love for both the boys. I mean, it's good they're in Bliss, where threesomes are the norm. I'm thinking if this was someplace like Chicago, she'd have had a bit more trouble talking herself into being with both of them. But this is Bliss... it's totally normal.

I was glad that Hope got to take her own revenge on Christian. I only hope that Lucy isn't too screwed up as a result of her experience. Then again, maybe the new guys can help her out with that, huh? Or maybe the brooding FBI agent up on the mountain will come out of his stupor to join up with a couple. Maybe he'll end up crossing over to the Siren series, since Ms. Oak is fond of mixing characters and series? I did think it was funny that the alternate planes world of her Faery Story trilogy were mentioned! She does a great job of weaving all of her worlds together in one way or another!