Rocky Mountain Haven (Six Pack Ranch, #2) - Vivian Arend Another great story. Boy, these Coleman men seem to have been raised right. I thought Daniel's side story was sad from the first one... he caught mumps, and he became sterile as a result. Once his long-time girlfriend found out, she left him. Biotch!

So in this story, we start off with Daniel meeting Beth in a bar during an odd trip away from the ranch. They had definite chemistry, but Beth was gun shy about men in general after her horrible, abusive, controlling marriage. Her husband had died, but he'd left lots of psychological shrapnel in his wake for Beth as well as her three young sons. So she gives Daniel a fake name and number and rips up his number to avoid temptation.

Beth is rebuilding her life and moves to where the Coleman's live... actually is living ON the Coleman ranch! And for whatever reason, for the first bit she's living there, she doesn't come across Daniel. But once she does, Daniel isn't willing to let her go so easily this time. He somehow senses she needs to be handled with kid gloves, which he does and then some. He was extremely patient. At first, Beth tries to resist any relationship or connection to Daniel, but it's just there, and it grows, until suddenly Beth just can't ignore it anymore.

Another really sweet story about a good man and a good woman finding what they need in each other. And the phone sex was hot! :-)