Taking a Shot - Jaci Burton I was certain I was going to enjoy this one and I was not let down. We have Jenna, who runs her family's sports bar. Her brothers are professional sports players. She's been surrounded by sports all her life, plus she's spent a bit of time in the bar, so she can read people pretty well. As a result, she's pretty sure Ty Anderson is the last person she should accept a date from. Ty, the professional hockey player. But he pushes hard... he really wants Jenna... and she pushes back. So he actually sends men her way to date, to sort of prove that she won't have chemistry with anybody like she has with him. Well played! And when Ty uncovers Jenna's secret talent and pushes her to explore it, Jenna pushes right back again.

Somehow Ty knew just how to handle Jenna. He didn't push a "boyfriend" title, even though it was clear to both of them that it was more than just friends with benefits. And neither of them went into this expecting anything long term. Her, because she was already married to her family's business; him, because his parents had a very dysfunctional relationship. But while he pushed her on her talent and dreams (no matter how much she wanted to deny them), but backed off at the right time.

And I knew Jenna was going to be the one to screw up, and I wanted to smack her hard when she did! At least Tara did. :-)

Ty and Jenna had explosive chemistry, great, passionate sex, and a great out-of-the-bedroom relationship as well. It was really sweet, and thankfully an HEA (not that I really doubted it would).

And yay! There are more stories, even though the original Riley clan is matched up!