Texas Two Step (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #1) - Cynthia D'Alba Wow, this one was angsty, but ultimately a great love story. My heart was breaking for them both at the beginning as they realized that time had only strengthened their attraction and love. But oh, my, how I was yelling at Olivia near the end. Seriously, lol. I was saying "TALK TO HIM!! Don't be an idiot!!" In my car. :-) I can't believe she'd believe so easily, knowing how vindictive Joanna was. Especially when her own experiences had told her something so completely different. Even Magda told her something completely different!

I loved how Olivia and Mitch came together and cared for Adam... they really tried to do what was in his best interest, even if each wanted to take him and run. I don't blame Olivia for her actions. I have no idea how she could get everyone to keep quiet... it had been five years!! But it ended up being a great story about reunited love. It ended a bit abruptly... I'd have liked an epilogue to have a hint of what happened next,but this was a book 1, so hopefully we'll see more of Mitch and Olivia in the next one(s).