A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison I was a little iffy on this one. It took me a really long time to get into the book, but at the same time, Rachel was sort of coming off a "high" from the last one, so we needed a little bit of mellow. Rachel was very introspective through a good part of the book, but I think we needed to understand where her head was. That said, it was ultimately a very interesting story. I enjoyed seeing her and Trent build a different type of relationship than they'd had in the past... for Rachel to start to trust Trent more. Al's appearance at the end was great. I can just imagine him playing with the kids, lol! I'm interested to see where this story is going, but if I'm being honest, I won't be waiting with bated breath like I waited for this one. It's not that it was a letdown or anything, it was just a mellow sort of story and there wasn't anything at the end giving me a peek at what's to come. But I still look forward to the next one.