Tender Rebel - Johanna Lindsey I enjoyed this one better than the first. But it had a lot of the same things that made me want to smack them. I'm still not sure why Anthony never wanted to marry. I mean he's seen this girl, Rosalyn, and he's intrigued by her and attracted to her. Why not just court her like a normal man and then ask her to marry you? Rosalyn, for her part, I could understand. To a point. She thinks she's just reacting like a normal girl would to any old rake, but really?! You didn't notice that you haven't had the same reaction to any of the others? Because there were plenty of them around. Heck, even Anthony's brother wanted a piece of that! And their games with each other to annoy each other, I wanted to scream sometimes. But at the same time, it was a compelling story, and I did enjoy it. And of course, there's an HEA. So on to #3!